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Our 2420 pixel plants are nearly ready to start growing!

Owning our pixel plants will give you discount at our online store, CBD for ALL:

2 x NFTs = 10%
5 x NFTs = 25%
10 x NFTs = 50
Shipping not included.

Not only that, but specific traits will grant the hodler free physical merchandise. This could be a Stoned Island grinder or USB lighter, as well as CBD oil.
 The free merchandise will be for over 600 NFTs! (shipping not included)

The Treasury

30% of the profits will also go directly into staking from the treasury and rewards airdropped to all holders. This will be until the Stoned Council is set up to decide how to grow the brand through the treasury to help reward the hodlers. A voting system will be put in place and you can only vote if you hold an NFT from our Weed Bag collection.


More details of the Stoned Council will be released soon.

CBD for ALL.png


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